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Tiger Trust believes that the one way of securing the environment is in sensitizing the budding generation. Hence, Tiger Trust annually conducts its awareness program ‘Save the Roar’. Students from schools and colleges from Delhi-NCR are taken to various National Parks where they are sensitized about the problems prevailing in the national parks both legally and administratively. They share their experiences and return home with a widened horizon on the intricacies of environment protection

Legal Field Training Programmes:

Tiger Trust has been involved in training the forest staff on the prosecution of wildlife crimes for the past 15 years. It has already trained more than 1500 forest guards, foresters, and senior staff. The programmes are aimed at strengthening the investigational skills of the officers to lead successful prosecution. In addition to academic teachings, special field trainings are also organized to enable the officers to handle mock crime cases. The forest officers are expected are to tranquilize a stray animal, collect evidence, blood sample, prepare on the spot complaint and complete all the formalities of investigation.

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Awareness & Educational Programmes in India and Abroad:

Awareness and education is the most appropriate way to sentisize people about wildlife conservation. Thus Tiger Trust is working with several schools, colleges and local villagers to create awareness about the conservation and protection of Wildlife.

Health Programmes:

Tiger Trust has conducted community health programmes for the villagers living around the periphery of the tiger reserves.

These health programmes are conducted by doctors who are specialists from various fields. They conduct preliminarily medical tests on the spot and also endeavour to educate the villagers on maintaining good health and hygiene

Cross- Cultural programmes:

Tiger Trust has been inviting students from Clemson University since 2004, to visit the national parks and tiger reserves in India to study tiger habitat.

Cross- cultural programme is an attempt to exchange diverse views of Indian and foreign students on conservation efforts to save the forest and save the tiger.

Recently Tiger Trust has organized an educational tour for the students of Clemson University and Vasant Valley, New Delhi to Kanha National Park. The tour witnessed an underlying spirit to save the rich wildlife from extinction in addition to ideas and views exchanged between the students and the teachers of the respective group.

"The more helpless the victim, the greater the crime!"

- Dr. Gerald Curtler

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