Pillars of Tiger Trust

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Takako Sato :

is a consultant to Tiger Trust. Since 2006, when she first saw India’s wild tigers for the first time, she fell under their spell. She was working for the US Fish and Wildlife Service at field offices in Florida as a Refuge Operations Specialist for 12 years. Being at Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge, many of the issues facing wild Tigers and Panthers were similar and she realized that education is a key component of the process of conserving these megafauna. Trained as a wildlife biologist and assistant manager she is able to understand the complexities of conservation on a grassroots level. Currently she is living in Japan, supporting Tiger Trust in planning future events and supporting training programs. Mrs. Sato is also the founding member of “Tigers for Tigers” a student club at Clemson University set up to increase awareness and empower people to save the wild Tigers.

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S. Fatima :

A lawyer by profession, she joined Tiger Trust as a volunteer in 2007. Her gradual interest in the activities of Tiger Trust gained momentum and she climbed to the ladder by being appointed initially as a Coordinator for Capacity Building Programmes. However, her undaunted interest and passion has led her to be one of the main pillar by being the programme officers of the ongoing programme ‘Hunting the Hunters-II’ in Rajasthan. She also takes care of the entire module and educational programmes in Delhi.

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Veronica Mohan:

An enrolled Advocate in Delhi High Court since 1996. Her brilliant oratory is a great asset for the Capacity Building Programmes as a resource person. Her simple narration of case studies is one of the highlights of the programme.

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Mr. Arun Sharma:

A Master Trainer from the Rajasthan Forest division who has expertise in plugging the loopholes in preparation of cases prior to filing the complaint in the court. He has delivered lectures at the legal trainings conducted for the forest staff and firmly believes in the adage that a vigilant Forest Officer can go a long way for successful prosecution.

Mr. Arun Sharma is a Ranger in Ranthambore National Park and has attended all the training programmes held by Tiger Trust in all the major areas. He was selected as a Master Trainer in 2009. His main emphasis is on preparation of cases prior to filing the complaint in the court and informing the trainees that a vigilant Forest Officer can go a long way for successful prosecution.

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Vipin Mohan :

A house wife and doting mother has volunteered to organize educational programmes outside Delhi with the help of village schools and forest departments in and around National Parks.

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Dr. Ranjana Sharma :

Retd. Doctor from MCD and a community physician. Her contribution in health programmes has been tremendous and heads the medical programmes of Tiger Trust.

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Dr. Daljit Chadha :

An eminent gynecologist of Delhi and has been responsible for contributing her services in all medical camps held by Tiger Trust and has unconditional commitment for the cause.

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Dr. Prakash Jhourney :

An eminent general physician having a roaring practice. He has joined all the camps and is responsible for initiating the medical camp in and around National Park, with his dedicated team of compounders, nurses and para-medical staff.

Baldev Singh:

A contributor towards all directions in terms of planning for the past 10 years. He is responsible for helping out the entire team by providing them with all the infrastructural support and assistance.

"The more helpless the victim, the greater the crime!"

- Dr. Gerald Curtler

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